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About Sonnie

     The art of Sonnie Laviolette is bold, complex, and unpredictably fresh. Sonnie’s collection of large-scale original artworks is driven by intuition and spontaneity in abstracted shapes, lines, and forms of saturated color.

     Influenced by a nearly two-decade career as a graphic designer, Sonnie brings a unique and personal style to canvas. She instinctively produces minimalist yet bold compositions infused with striking elements, bold textures, and an affinity for warm tones.

   Sonnie Laviolette’s love of a large canvas encourages easy creative freedom. Her bold signature-style provides a composition-playground as the eye enjoys a journey through dimensional layers, shapes, marks, and surprising textures.

     Primarily an acrylic based artist, many paintings introduce multimedia. “I like to experiment with unlikely partnerships of materials. Using acrylic with oil or pigment sticks is really exciting. I also love to incorporate character only possible with the addition of inks, texture, and collage. The outcome is far more interesting than a single media.”

BEST ME 2.jpg

     Her abstract art has been exhibited in several shows throughout the country and is hailed as inventive and trailblazing.

     The Art of Sonnie Laviolette is ideally suited where the placement of a statement piece is desired. Her portfolio of original art is constantly expanding and available for purchase. Commissioned art is always welcomed and created for the enjoyment of the owner and to the specific needs of the placement location.

Dear friends,

Thank you for visiting Raw Siennas. It is my hope you will find some inspiration and enjoyment in experiencing my art!


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